5 Clever Lead Generation Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

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In business, you can never afford to be battle-weary, but even the best marketers can run out of new ideas or ammunition, as it were. That creativity block makes coming up with an effective new campaign quite difficult. Instead of relying on what you have done in the past, try adding a few new twists to generate leads and attract new business. Here are some of our favorite lead generation ideas that will help you unlock magic for your next marketing campaign.

1. Create Videos

You have your print, television and radio ads lined out, but you can add creativity and interest by creating your own videos. Target a particular customer need and make your own funny and helpful video about the issue. If you are a home improvement store, you can do a few quick DIY videos. Post them on YouTube and link them to your website. A new tool we recently fell in love with is Lumen5. Painless video making tools for social media. Check out this video we spun up for this post:

2. Simplify Your Lead Generation Ideas

Focus your campaign on one or two products or services instead of half a dozen. Customers are easily overwhelmed by too many choices. Your campaign will be more effective, and your job will be easier. The more complex you make a campaign, the more opportunities for it to derail. Simple tactics with simple goals will keep your marketing strategy on track and make it more easily measurable. Keep it stupid simple!

3. Facebook

Create or update your Facebook page and incorporate your new campaign in your posts. Add posts that will entertain as well as inform customers. For ideas, check out the pages of your competition. Also, add a Facebook-only ad that offers a discount. Generate some buzz so that your FB likes continue to grow. Don’t stop at Facebook, explore other paid social media marketing opportunities as they arise as well.

4. Blogging & Content

You may have considered blogging for years but keep putting it off. Experts still recommend blogging and having a content strategy for its proven lead-generating properties. Once you get established, you can also guest blog for others in the industry, reaching even more potential customers. Narrow your blog’s focus to make writing it easier. You can simply announce the service or product of the week and chat about it in a casual way.

5. Design a Quiz

When you ask the right questions on an online quiz, you’ll learn about your customers’ needs, and you will get their contact information. In general, only motivated consumers take the time to complete even short quizzes, so this strategy is an easy winner for your business. In fact, 10% of those people who take your quiz online will share it on their social media, which has a chain effect for creating leads. Not good at creating quizzes? You can use an online-quiz generator. We also wrote an extended post about how to get started with quizzes in your marketing.

Your next marketing campaign can be enjoyable and effective with these lead generation ideas. Incorporate at least one new strategy, and you should see better lead generation. Struggling with lead generation ideas? Let us help and contact us today.

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