Using Quizzes For Lead Generation In Your Marketing Strategy

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Generating good leads is the most necessary part of marketing and often the most difficult. You should already be using social media to reach potential customers, but if your current content doesn’t include quizzes, you are missing out on a vital lead generator. Quizzes attract an impressive number of participants online, with 96 percent of them finishing the quizzes they start. When constructed properly, your quizzes can produce a number of quality leads.

Why Quizzes Work

People are attracted to quizzes because they are interactive and represent a topic of interest. Some quizzes even involve a gamification aspect that puts people up against others. These quizzes can be about relationships, personality traits, or specific products, depending on your particular goal. All of them give you solid information that can be turned into sales. Once a person takes the quiz, they will often share it on their Facebook page, generating more leads for your business. In fact, a quiz is usually shared approximately 2,000 times. You can reach a huge audience with very little effort.

How They Work

anson analytics free retirement calculator

Retirement Calculator Example

Some of your quizzes may be strictly tied to your product. For instance, an investment firm might post an “Are You Ready for Retirement?” quiz. You can ask questions like, “How much money should you have saved by 65?” and give three options. At the end, the quiz can score the participant’s readiness for retirement. You can capture basic information, such as the consumer’s name, age, and email address and also provide a call to action. These leads are golden since they appeal to a specific customer base – in this case, people serious about savings and investments. Anson Analytics, one of our clients in Atlanta, has used these types of retirement calculators with great success.

As a media company, you may also choose to use entertainment quizzes, like, “Who is Your Celebrity Twin?” These topics attract a wider audience but still provide you with useful information. You can require the user’s name, age, and other basic details before they take the quiz. If the quiz is satisfying, you have given the consumer a positive view of your company while getting leads for email campaigns. Relevance still remains key here, so a celebrity twin quiz may not be the right fit if you are a real estate agent.

Getting Started With Quizzes

You can find a number of quiz generators online to use, or you may develop your own. They need to be engaging and make the potential customer feel that they’ve gotten something out of the experience, whether it be information, entertainment, or both. Quizzes are extremely inexpensive and effective, in fact, Typeform has a free quiz-making tool. If you haven’t started using them for your business, you should be considering if they should be in your marketing arsenal.

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