How Millennials Are Influencing The Future Of Work

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As we look at the future of work, it is becoming well-known that most millennials are more interested in a fulfilling work experience than they are in a hefty paycheck. Because of this, employers are having a tough time attracting and retaining young talent. In an effort to reverse this trend, employers now implement practices not believed possible by previous generations.

It wasn’t that long ago that an employee was lucky to scarf down breakfast before punching the clock and getting right to work, stomach rumbling all the way to lunch.

Fast forward to the workplaces of today, and breakfast may actually be waiting for those who set foot on corporate carpets. And still, others are enjoying leisurely breakfasts in front of their computer screens at home while they read their morning emails.

Whether you are a part of this generation or not, we can thank millennials for replacing rigid work environments with more livable variations and creating a better work/life balance for all. Here are just a few of the ways employers now entice job candidates to come on board:

Remote Work Opportunities

Forward-thinking companies allow employees to work from home when possible. This eliminates micromanagement, which reduces employee stress levels and leads to better health. It also cuts out the commute, which is important to millennials not only because it saves time, but also because it helps the environment, a cause near and dear to their hearts. Technology has helped to make this a reality, and productivity gained by removing daily commutes also contributes to the bottom line.

Have you heard of digital nomads? It is no secret that the future of work is being driven by other companies like Remote Year, who guide four-month to year-long programs designed to let professionals live and work around the world.

Flexible Hours

Some employers let workers set their own hours. This makes it possible for people to work around personal obligations and events, giving them power over their lives and increasing contentment. There are several reasons, including allowing parents to work around their children’s schedules, or letting workers who perform best at night sleep in. Flexible hours put the focus on delivering results, rather than just the time spent at a desk.

The Freedom Of Freelancing

Source: Freelancing In America 2017

According to a recent research study between the Freelancers Union and Upwork, 47% of Millennial workers are freelance and as the Freelancing in America study shows, the majority of workers will freelance by 2027. As the lifespan of a job shrinks to just a couple years with each company, Millennials are feeling more secure with an income diversified among several clients rather than just having a single employer.

For employers, this means access to talent pools that are specialized and without boundaries. An example would be a Fractional CMO who is able to share their talent among a couple startups, or blockchain consultants that can stay on top of emerging trends.

Other Perks Defining The Future Workplace

Perks that reduce the struggle of maintaining a healthy work/life balance create a perception that the employer cares enough to create a satisfying corporate culture — another thing millennials value over the almighty paycheck. This is just a sampling of the perks that some companies now provide to their on-site workforce:

  • Meals and snacks
  • Massages & mini-spas
  • On-site Doctors & Medical checkups
  • Workout classes & Gyms
  • Permission to bring pets to work
  • Beer and wine

Google, a pioneer when it comes to recruiting, takes things even further by offering pool tables, video games, a pool, a rock climbing wall, laundry facilities and a napping decompression chamber – among other amenities. Other shared co-working and workspaces like WeWork are also leading the trends for open and flexible offices.

Millenials Are Defining The Future Of Work

Regardless of our age, those of us who work for these progressive employers benefit from the metamorphosis of the workplace as it defines the future of work. And, as millennials continue to change the rules for all of us, more perks may be on the horizon — perhaps ones we can’t even imagine yet. So, it seems we owe millennials a debt of gratitude. After all, many of us are enjoying a better lifestyle because of their unwillingness to settle for the status quo.


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