Getting Started With An Email Marketing Strategy

Are you still not sure about dipping your toes into the highly lucrative waters of email marketing? If so, perhaps you don’t realize what an effective way it is to share your message, or maybe you’re simply overwhelmed by the strategies involved. If it’s the former, you’re missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity. Email is often the most understood area of marketing, because it is forgotten that the content is as important as the methods. While email marketing can seem overwhelming, we’ve broken things down into a few bite-sized pieces to help you start building exceptional email marketing campaigns that advertising legend David Ogilvy would be proud of:


How To Get Started With Content Marketing

Did you know that content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing, yet generates more than three times as many leads? It’s hard to argue with those numbers. Any business that isn’t using content marketing to drive leads is missing out.

But what if you have no experience with content marketing? Don’t worry. Following the simple steps below will help you to create a solid content strategy which will perform well from the start and make your content great again.


How To Get Press As A Startup And The Tools To Help

How does my startup or business find a way into the press like the major brands do? Every tech startup or early stage tech company thinks that a hit on TechCrunch for their launch is like the holy grail. The Pony Group’s founder, Scott Poniewaz, would agree, as his first company CampusDibs saw incredible traction after Techcrunch wrote about his daily deal site on launch day back in 2010. There are several reasons why press and media coverage like TechCrunch, Forbes, Entrepreneur, or other publications can lead to success. As an integral part of any company’s growth strategy and marketing funnel, here are a few reasons why press is valuable to a startup and businesses of all sizes and how to get press using the tools below:


Top Five Things to Include in Your SEO Checklist

Using a good SEO checklist can ensure that website content, blog posts, even social media posts or advertising pieces contain the elements needed to drive traffic to your business. Since many business owners or managers handle their content creation duties when they have a free moment, having a list to work from can help that process move more quickly and efficiently.


How to Build a Marketing Funnel

We’ll break down the six stages of the marketing funnel, explaining how they work together and each play a key part in customer acquisition and retention. When building a marketing strategy, the marketing funnel must be carefully planned and properly implemented to ensure you achieve successful results.


What Is A Fractional CMO? Do I Need One?

A fractional CMO is simply defined as a Chief Marketing Officer that splits their time working with several companies. More elaborately, a fractional CMO allows companies that otherwise could not justify the expense of hiring a full-time CMO or marketing executive, which runs well into the six-figures, to share an individual’s time and expertise in a way that benefits their company’s needs. Additionally, there are times when companies are considering new projects, or new lines of business that a fractional CMO has experience they can bring to the table for a short-term period. 


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