How to Build a Marketing Funnel

We’ll break down the six stages of the marketing funnel, explaining how they work together and each play a key part in customer acquisition and retention. When building a marketing strategy, the marketing funnel must be carefully planned and properly implemented to ensure you achieve successful results.


What Is A Fractional CMO? Do I Need One?

A fractional CMO is simply defined as a Chief Marketing Officer that splits their time working with several companies. More elaborately, a fractional CMO allows companies that otherwise could not justify the expense of hiring a full-time CMO or marketing executive, which runs well into the six-figures, to share an individual’s time and expertise in a way that benefits their company’s needs. Additionally, there are times when companies are considering new projects, or new lines of business that a fractional CMO has experience they can bring to the table for a short-term period. 


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The Pony Group is afirm providing fractional CMO services, marketing consulting, investment, and business growth advising to companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries. 

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